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Springwest Academy, Tudor Park Sports & Leisure, Feltham, London, TW13 7EF

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UAO enjoys a more robust organisation, a stronger training curriculum, a stronger technique and more students than other schools. Many who have trained at the UAO have established their own schools. This encouraged UAO from establishing new schools so now we are here in Feltham, London.

UAO, led by Mustafa Aygün (6th Dan), is a big group of nearly 1500 aikidoka including seven 5th Dan and hundreds of active black-belt senpais. The UAO continues practising Aikido with first-day enthusiasm and faith.

It is not only adults, who practice Aikido in UAO dojos but also children, under the supervision of seasoned trainers.

UAO led by Mustafa Aygün is fully authorised by the Aikikai Foundation (the Aikido World HQ) in Tokyo, Japan, providing international recognition of its diplomas.


For more information on the UAO please contact us at mustafa.aygun@unitedaikido.org


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